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Masters of blockettes, is a block break game where you must hit the blocks with the ball to break them. Once you break them you gain powerups or score.

The game introduces several mechanics that will make it more interesting and will challenge your reflexes.

For instance instead of just breaking the blocks, you must activate mechanisms, doors, or switches to open other places of the level. Once you hit the emerald you win.

This game has been developed for PC and will have versions to other platforms like Mac & Linux. also there is full controller support.

Final game features:

  • 60 full action packed levels.
  • 3 Mission characters that will tell you a story. and unlock their beach day images.
  • 7+ types of different power ups.
  • a lot of level mechanisms, and mecanics that will make you think and thrive.
  • Increase your powers level by asignings skill points to them.
  • Play several bonus minigames.
  • Several backgrounds and locations.

Install instructions

Unzip folder.

Controls are WASD and mouse or space to fire. ESC to bring up ingame menus.


MoBlockets_1_0_1_demo.zip 39 MB


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